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All you have to do is add your passengers, baggage, takeoff fuel, and landing fuel. . If linearity can be set by the user it will be described in the user manual. The requirements, procedures, and responsibilities for weight and balance control of Navy aircraft are listed in USN Aircraft Weight and Balance Control, NAVAIR 01-1B-50. They used the positioning c 130 weight and balance manual of calibrated counterweights on a mechanical lever to balance and thereby determine the size of unknown weights. The BalanceBox&174; 650 is the perfect manual height adjustable wall mount solution to move your interactive touchscreens up. 01 mg readability up to 51 g (HR-202i) Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and.

) : Weight of the aircraft ready to. You can also order manuals using the manual and safety label lookup tool. The C-141 was the first jet transport from which U. &0183;&32;Photo: The simplest way to weigh: an old-fashioned set of brass weights and a balance for measuring letters before you post them. They will also conduct cargo and personnel airdrops.

com There are plenty of apps that can do this for us instantly. You will not be able to manually change calculated fields; you must recalculate. Always use the correct power supply and voltage with the balance; the balance is supplied with a power adapterV/50-60 Hz. . CZECH REPUBLIC SAILPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL Do - L 23. phrase by color family familyColorButtonText(colorFamily. The reference datum is at location "0" and measurements for other reference points, like the baggage area or the passenger seats, are made in relation to the reference datum. Item Weight (lbs) Max Δ Arm Moment; Empty Weight: 2162: 3000: 838: 141.

Calculating weight and balance is a skill that will pay dividends when you graduate from the training environment and start planning trips in the real world: friends, suitcases, and all. Many were called, but few were chosen, and the contract for this new aircraft went to Lockheed and their C-130 Hercules. Hand Pallet Truck. 5 Automatic adjustment testing using an external test weight.

8 is within the 78-86 inch range; therefore, the airplane is loaded within limits. Wheels and Tyres Nose Assy (Qty 2) Main Assy (Qty 8) Speed Rating: 235 MPH Refer to Boeing Wheel/Tire/Brake Interchangeability Drawing 160T0001 for further details 23. 625 loading instructions, report forms and loadsheets. The intelligent load planner provides far more accurate results than previously used manual and. You can create load sheets with a graph and change seat/cargo arm locations. WEIGHT AND BALANCE C130H.

By clicking on this link, you agree to these terms and accept full responsibility. Obstruction underneath the scale. Weight and balance for stretch and short Setup complete load in this CNI-MU emulator, complete with fuel, drop loads and limitations. You can change these from. When weighing a helicopter, the location of both longitudinal and lateral weighing points must known.

Using the same reasoning as applied above with respect to weight in general, an aircraft with a forward C of G will have a higher stall speed than the aircraft with a rearward C of G. 1 Weight and Balance * 3. The following “Quick Look” views are recommended for the B737-800, in a situation where the pilot is not using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, or a head tracking device. The loadmaster reviews aircraft weight and balance. Air Force photo).

Equipment List ELT Radio (icom IA200) Xponder Blind Encoder Day to Day Operations Qty Fill in white c 130 weight and balance manual spaces & calculate Fuel -Header tank (gal) 7. The total loaded weight of 3,320 pounds does not exceed the maximum gross weight of 3,400 pounds and the CG of 84. See Weight & Balance Manual Location Class Usable Volume (m3) Fwd C 1945 cu. This mechanical wall lift has a weight capacity up to 162 kg (356 lbs) in a compact design that will be hidden behind the screen.

5 Pilot's weight (including parachute): - minimum pilot's weight (solo). TM. We are a global leader in the laboratory, industrial and education markets, as well as a host of specialty markets, including the food preparation, pharmacy and jewelry. &0183;&32;The reference datum is an imaginary vertical plane from which horizontal distances are measured for aircraft weight c 130 weight and balance manual and balance purposes. 4 Balance Information. ) The presentation varies from aircraft to aircraft and may be diagrammatic, graphical or tabular.

The Nokia 130 is a very basic mobile phone and the user manual is best done by explanation. Structural Repair Manual - BHT-ALL-SRM Structural Repair Manual - BHT-206-SRM-1 Structural Repair Manual for Bell Model 206 Series Helicopters - BHT-206A/B/L-Series-CR&O Component Repair and Overhaul Manual 4. It contains an advanced two-pilot flight station with fully integrated digital avionics. Our verdict: Meh! 6 Defining external test weights.

Precision Toploading Balances: LT, LT. 6 Date and time. Explore searchView. Compare the balance and moment data to the CG envelope on your owner's information manual. The CHART C is a continuous and permanent history of the aircraft weight, moment/index and center of gravity position. There were many things that made the Hercules stand out from its competition, but the chief point of distinction were the engines powering this airborne beast. Best C-130 loadmaster tool, combat proven. THIS IS A FULL VERSION EASY COMPUTING AIRDROP AVAILABILITY SETTING AND COLOR CHANGING SMART FUEL ASSISTANT PRINTABLE FORM F SAVE AND OPEN ABOUT CONFIGURATION What's new in version 1.

perfect integration with AirDrop,Airprint, ICloud Drive. &0183;&32;This job specialty computes weight and balance and other mission-specific qualification duties. The terminology, theory, and concepts of weight and balance apply to airplane, helicopter, weightshift aircraft and powered parachutes. 00: 30600: Fuel. It is fed and populated by IATA standard and CargoIMP messa- ging which reduces input errors and saves up to 70 % of processing time.

Learn More iFly for iPad. You must be familiar with the. technical orders (TOs) 1C-130B-1, 1C-130H-1, 1C-130(H)H-1, 1C-130(A)U-1, 1C-130(A)H-1, 1C-130(L)H-1, 1C-130(M)H-1, 1C-130E(II)-1, 1C-130E(H)-1, and 1C-130(M)E-1. PTH 50 (english) Walkie Pallet Trucks.

93 m3 Bulk C 430 cu. ( any equipment in compartment ) not included in the DRY OPERATING WEIGHT. Lorena Marchetti. The user manuals of these phone are pretty useless so I am busy replacing all of them with proper explanations that are easy to understand as from October. Working safely is at the top of your list, so if your operator manual is lost or missing, click on the lift truck model to view its current manual.

Keep the balance clean. Weight (lbs) Arm (inches) Moment (in-lb) Empty Weight Pilot Seats R & L (Seat position range is from 75 (all forward) to 82 (back)) Rear Passanger Seats R & L Fuel allowance for taxi/run-up Fuel (gal max useable) gal: Baggage (lb max) Gross Weight (lb max): Loaded Center of Gravity. It also shows the number of PAX(passengers) are in the current load. FAA-Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement for the KING AIR MODEL C90/C90A Equipped with Raisbeck Engineering: Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers - STC SA3593NM Dual Aft Body Strakes - STC SA4010NM Increased Gross Weight - STC SA3593NM Increased ITT and Cruise Speeds - STC SA3593NM Optional 1,600 Cruise RPM - STC SA3593NM C90: LJ-527 thru LJ-1062 (including C90,C90-1) C90A: LJ. NOTE: The weight and balance records for a particular airplane will provide the empty weight and moment as well as the information on the arm distance. As Pilot in Command, it is your responsibility to determine your weight and balance using the aircraft's Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) or Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) in conjunction with the weight and balance sheet located in each aircraft to assure that you are operating the aircraft within its limitations. 04 m3 Aft C 1623 cu.

Whether you operate one aircraft or a fleet of large transport aircraft we can. The balance works like a see-saw, swinging from side to side until the weight on the left pan c 130 weight and balance manual equals that on the right pan. Four Allison T56 Turboprop.

This area shows the weights for Man, woman and Child. These are the standard weights and are used to calculate the load in the seats. Constant temperature is always preferred. Just like the Vector Method, iFly software is simple to use and only takes a matter of seconds to load even the most complex weight and balance scenarios. Unit calibrated with inaccurate weight.

Web Manuals is an Aviation specific Document Management System to ensure simple editing, reviewing and distribution of Manuals. &0183;&32;The AC-130J is a highly modified C-130J aircraft that contains many advanced features. If you change the values in a field from a positive value to "no entry", be certain there is a zero (0) in the field. Note: This tutorial assumes that your scale or balance has a "Print" button that will transmit weight values to a PC. &0183;&32;C-130J CNI-MU weight and balance emulator. App Details Version. AIRCRAFT WEIGHT AND BALANCE RECORD SYSTEM LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Define the purpose of aircraft weight and balance program.

The Autopilot functions shall maintain aircraft stabilized flight within the normal ranges defined by existing C-130 flight manuals. iFly Weight & Balance Low-Tech meets High-Tech. 154 Ib (70 kg) It is necessary to use front seat removable ballast of 33 Ib (15 kg) when flown solo by a pilot (including parachute) weighing less than 154 Ib (70 kg. The loadmaster provides for the safety and comfort of passengers and troops, and the security of cargo, mail, and baggage during flight. The Pilot's Operating Handbook or Flight Manual contains a Weight and Balance section, with a worked example. Multiply each weight by the arm—the distance from the reference datum. If you are out of limits, just adjust the various weights until you are within limits.

This area shows the weights in pounds of the items on the left. Most important is that the balance will have performed the internal adjustment for that environment temperature. Bring your CNI-MU with you the palm of your hand, and calculate the actual CG and weight and balance on the fly. Weight and Balance Manual See “Section: Notes (Pertinent to all models)”, Note 2 5. Illustrated Parts Catalogue AB206A/B-Series-IPC.

Check accuracy of data! 00: 304842: Front Seats: 440: 100: 143. The Weight and Balance Data, NAVAIR 01-1B-40, is a technical manual that provides activities with a. &0183;&32;Weight & Balance By NextGenSystems(free)—This app allows you to customize parameters to your heart’s content, covering around 80 percent of the GA fleet.

Cole-Parmer Symmetry Balances. If a C of G is located forward, the negative lift of the tail will have to be increased to balance the forward weight, and as the negative lift is increased, the aerodynamic weight, overall, is increased.

C 130 weight and balance manual

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